Exam Completed Q.Papers (Jan2010)     DE-I     DE-III    ME-I    M.Pharm-I    Mba/Mca
  Exam Completed Q.Papers (Jan2010)     BE/PDDC-I    Pharmacy-I
  Exam Completed Q.Papers (Dec-2009/Jan2010)     BE-III        Pharmacy-III
11-02-10 UFM Hearing on 22 Feb 2010 for DipEngg and MBA/MCA courses
11-02-10 B.Pharm Sem-III Remedial Exam Centers
11-02-10 B.E Sem-III Remedial Exam Centers
10-02-10 B.E Sem-III Remedial Exam Timetable
10-02-10 B.Pharm Sem-III Remedial Exam Timetable
10-02-10 Result Analysis B.E/B.Pharm. Semester III
09-02-10 Declaration of  Pending Result BE Sem-III Dec-2009 Exam
03-02-10 Academic Calendar MBA Semester-II
02-02-10 Rechecking Form (B.Pharm Sem-III Dec-09 Exam)
01-02-10 Rechecking Form (BE Sem-III Dec-09 Exam.)            BE Sem-III Dec-2009 Result
28-01-10 MBA Updated academic calendar for sem-II will be updated & uploaded by 6th Feb10
27-01-10 Orientation Cum Induction Program for DLM students (Revised Dates)
25-01-10 UFM Hearing on 4th February 2010 for BE/B.Pharm courses
24-01-10 Practical Examination time table Feb-2010  (ME)
23-01-10 Schedule for M. Pharm - Sem-I, Practical Exam. Feb-10  Zone-II  Zone-III   Zone-I  Zone-IV  Zone-V
23-01-10 Academic Calendar Diploma Engineering Semester-II/IV
23-01-10 Academic Calendar M.E/MCA/M.Pharmacy Semester-II
23-01-10 Zone-wise Practical examination time table Feb-2010  (MCA)
22-01-10 Students of these branches cannot be offered the particular Institute Elective-I BE-Sem-IV
06-01-10 B. Pharm. Sem.-I  Practical Exam Timetable                                                                                       Zone :  Ahmedabad     Gandhinagar      V.V. Nagar      Rajkot      Surat
05-01-10 AcademicCalendar B.E./B.Pharmacy Semester-II & IV
29-12-09 Revised Dates of  Examination M.Pharm.
22-12-09 B. Pharm. Sem--III Practical Exam Timetable                                                                                      Zone :  Ahmedabad     Gandhinagar     V.V. Nagar       Rajkot      Surat
17-12-09 Revised Dates of Examination Diploma Engg  (DLM  Sem-III)
04-12-09 M.Pharm. Exam. Centers GTU Examination Jan-2010
03-12-09 Revised Exam Centers     MCA
02-12-09 Revised Exam Centers     MBA    B.Pharm
27-11-09 Diploma Engineering,  PDDC and PG courses (MBA/MCA/MPharm/ME) Exam Forms
27-11-09 Exam Centers     MBA    MCA    B.Pharm
27-11-09 Exam Centers     MBA    MCA    B.Pharm
21-11-09 Dates of  Examination MBA Evening
18-11-09 Revised First Sem Examination  Timetable   ME
17-11-09 Dates of  Examination PG Courses   MBA    MCA    M.Pharm
13-11-09 Grade change after Rechecking (DipEngg. Sep09 Exam)
13-11-09 Dates of  Examination Diploma Engg  Sem-I   Sem-III
13-11-09 Revised (Duration) Third Sem Examination  Timetable   BE
11-11-09 B.E and B.Pharm Sem-III exam forms
11-11-09 Dates of  Examination First Sem     BE      B.Pharm.    PDDC
11-11-09 Dates of  Examination Third Sem               B.Pharm
15-10-09 Grade change after Rechecking (B.Pharm Sep09 Exam)
14-10-09 Grade change after Rechecking (BE- Sep09 Exam)
14-10-09 Dip. HM & CT First Year Examination (Remedial) Result
13-10-09 Dip. Pharmacy First Year Examination (Remedial) Result
13-10-09 Diploma Engg. Sem-II Examination (Remedial) Result
09-10-09 UFM Hearing on 12th October 2009 for all courses
08-10-09 Proposed Dates of Examination SEM-I&III Year 2009-10
08-10-09 Explanation of Punishment details for UFM
08-10-09 Diwali Vacation for the Academic term 2009-10
03-10-09 Provisional Detention List (B. Pharmacy)
03-10-09 B.Pharm Second Semester Examination (Remedial) Result
25-09-09 BE Second Semester Examination (Remedial) Result
25-09-09 Provisional Detention List (Deg. Engg.)
08-09-09 Diploma Pharmacy Passing Norms
05-09-09 Change in Mid-Semester Exam schedule
29-08-09 B.Pharm. Sem-II Practical Remedial Examinations Time Table
26-08-09 Details of rechecking of Marks of 2nd semi. (Diploma Engg.)
26-08-09 Details of rechecking of Marks of First Year (Diploma Pharm.)
  Important Notice for Diploma to Degree Pharmacy students
  Result - B.E. (only external GTU Exam) of candidate's result pending due to internal component
08-08-09 Result Analysis Diploma Engineering Sem-II Jun-09
  Diploma Engineering and Hotel management
  Mid Semester Exam papers
  Exam Completed Question Papers