A Message From Vice Chancellor


Dr. Akshai Aggarwal,
Vice-Chancellor, GTU

JOBS for all the GTU Graduates: During the last few years, Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has succeeded in winning a high reputation. The other technical universities, in our nation, now consider GTU’s work as a benchmark, to be followed for improvement in the quality of technical education. This positive perception has helped our graduates, to some extent, in getting better placements. Now during this year, let us focus on using this positive perception for systematically securing good jobs for our graduating students of 2016. 
The effort has to be made at every single College, wherever it may be located in our State. 
What will it take to do it? -- Nothing more (or less) than hard and sincere work jointly by the management, Principal/ Director, Faculty Members and the students. More specifically— 

Let us see that we follow our calendar religiously and let us jointly make every single hour in every class, laboratory and workshop a useful, and as far as possible an interesting, learning experience. We all know our weaknesses – of the Colleges, Faculty Members as well as those of students. But jointly we can overcome them. If a single hour is found to be not useful, the method should be not to start missing the classes. Instead the good students should work, jointly with the Faculty Member, to see that, in future, the hours start providing a better experience. We should jointly resolve not to give up but to make it happen.

In particular, at under-graduate level, a Faculty Member, in any College, will have the competence to be able to work with the students to improve the learning experience. The course-work at the under-graduate level is not so onerous that any student, if he makes the necessary effort himself/ herself along with help from his/ her class-fellows and Faculty Members, cannot learn it well. It also requires commitment from the Head of Department, the Principal and the management to see that every single class, from day one of the semester to the last day according to the University calendar, is engaged.

GTU has been working jointly with industries through GTU Innovation Sankuls (Every College is a Member of the Sankul in its area.). It has been working with the students through the GTU Innovation Clubs, Open Source Technology Clubs, Mobile & Wireless Technology Clubs, S4 Extension Centers etc. (Students at every College are required to have these active forums.) GTU’s Faculty Development Program is the largest such program in the country. -- Each one of these enhances the quality of learning experience. But none of them can do wonders if the classes, laboratories and workshops are not made useful and interesting and if the discipline and regularity are not as good as at the best of universities of the world.

India needs good technologists in all the different fields of technology. Let us, therefore, work to graduate excellent technologists from all our different Colleges. Let us work together. We can change the situation for the better at every College within this academic year. Let us do it

Dr. Akshai Aggarwal
(29th June 2015)

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