A Message From Vice Chancellor


Dr. Akshai Aggarwal,
Vice-Chancellor, GTU

A number of Awards and Successes: 

The last few days have proved to be days of recognition of the good work, done by the GTU family. On 19th February 2016, GTU students won an Award at each of the three events, in which they participated, at the Inter-University National Youth Festival at Mysore, Karnataka. On 18th February 2016, an Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education was conferred at Mumbai at the 8th DNA & Stars Group Awards. On 17th February 2016, GTU’s support system through S4 (Student Start-up Support System), CiC3(Community-innovation-Co-Creation Center) and pre-Incubation work was recognized at Delhi with a National Award at the 9th ASSOCHAM Higher Education Summit 2016 - Role of Higher Education in Leveraging Indian Innovation Ecosystem & National Excellence Awards – 2016. The Award was given at the hands of Prof. (Dr.) Ram Shankar Katheria, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Government of India.

All the students, Faculty Members and other members of the GTU family can take pride in these Awards. But we must remember that a University is tested every day in its laboratories and class-rooms. It is only the excellence achieved by our students, researchers and Faculty Members, in their work, that can make the University great. This requires hard work,this requires dedication and commitment by the management and this demands continuous and disciplined work from the students. It also requires faith of the society in the work being done at GTU. The State Higher Education system in India has not distinguished itself during the last 158 years. GTU is moving towards becoming a great university by working transparently and by its single-minded focus on students. If we continue to have faith in GTU and if the GTU family believes in itself, GTU should be able to bring credit to Gujarat and India through the excellence of its work.

Dr. Akshai Aggarwal
(20th February 2016)  



Notes: 1. Two weeks back, there was a news-report from Delhi saying that a majority of young persons with a degree in engineering were under-employed. Please read the message of 29th June 2015 about ‘JOBS for all the GTU Graduates’.

2. I will like to draw the attention of the Faculty Members, HODs and Principals/ Directors to the previous message dated 1st January 2016, about our individual and joint duty for the examination work. (For the above two items, please refer to the Older Messages)

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