A Message From Vice Chancellor

ACADEMIC WORK TODAY: The academic work of the semester - classes, laboratories and workshops - must be in full swing at every College. 
At the last week-end of 16th -17th March 2013, at Surat, there was a Faculty Development Program, in which 42 faculty members participated. A two-day workshop for developing the new syllabi for the third semester of Diploma Engineering program was organized at Ahmedabad with the help of National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Bhopal. At Vadodara, GTU had organized a two-day Conference with the support of two Institutes of Pharmacy at Parul and Leicester School of Pharmacy, DeMontfort University, UK. There were two large conferences organized by two of our engineering Colleges at Rajkot on 16th -17th and on 17th- 18th March . On Monday, 18th of March 2013, at the University has started the Research Week in Engineering, where the research students, working on their theses at Doctoral and Master’s level, present their work before renowned professors and experts in their field and learn from them. Last year 2,152 Master’s and 191 Doctoral students had participated in the Research Week and 43 Workshops were given by experts.


  1. Please participate in ALCE Competition by sending the courseware, prepared by you, with the help of your teacher, to GTU. (You have to do it for one Chapter of any subject, that you are studying. It must include the courseware for the associated laboratory or workshop sessions also. Please see here)Let us prepare the courseware for each course/ subject so that it makes our classes interesting, our workshop sessions exciting places for learning skills and our laboratory sessions voyages of discovery. Let the under-graduate students of the whole world learn engineering by using courseware developed by you.
  2. Let us ensure that at every department of every College/ Institution, we should have classes for at least 90 days in the semester.

Let us work for interesting and exciting learning systems, regularity and discipline at every College/ Institution. Jointly we can build a great University. Let us all work for it.


Dr. Akshai Aggarwal
(23 March 2013)


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